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Here are some of the letters we have received from our clients:
February 26, 2008
To Whom It May Concern:
This is my letter of recommendation for Lenie Bacierto who has cared for my mother for over the last year. Lenie has many years of experience and it shows. Not only is she very confident in her work, she does it with care and personality.
Lenie has extreme patience and always tried to make sure my mother was happy and comfortable. She would do many things to keep my mom positive. Whether it was playing music she enjoyed, singing to her, and doing her hair or nails, or just anything to make her feel good. I feel she genuinely cared about her and treated her as each day was her last.
Lenie also handle all the calls from the doctors and when the nurse that came she made sure the prescriptions were filled. She was competent in understanding what medication where to be given and how.
As her condition worsened, Lenie checked on her constantly and made sure she was comfortable. Whe she couldn't sleep, Lenie would sit up with her. She treated her as well as I would have, probably better.
I appreciate all she did for my mother and I feel content knowing she had such good care until the end.
(Signed) L. Gerken
February 28, 2008
Dear Ms. Jocson,
My wife, Noel, has made very significant progress in the four months we have had the benefit of the services of Mila Conste, and as I explained to her this afternoon, we feel that we can now manage without her (we do have weekend cleaning personnel).
I am writing to you to express my gratitude and appreciation of Mila's excellent services. She was always pleasantly upbeat and optimistic, punctual, she kept her appointments, and pitched in whenever a task was at hand. The quality of her work for us was very high indeed. I know that her hands-on approach contributed greatly to Noel's recovery.
We shall miss her, but I am sure that she will find  satisfying work very quickly. We wish her well. ( I may be having a hip replacement, in which case we doubtless will have occasion to use VIP services again).
Meanwhile, our thanks to your office and to Mila herself. I would be happy to provide references if she ever need some for future employment.
Sincerely yours,
(Signed) A. Sonnenfeld